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My Name Is Not Alexander

Published: March 2011
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A New York Times Bestseller!

Just How Big Can a Little Boy Dream?
Who is your hero?

Alexander takes a rip-roaring historical adventure! Through his imaginative journey, Alexander discovers how great men become heroes: the roughest rider can be surprisingly gentle, a strong leader is also the most peaceful, and sometimes, being brave about what makes you different will not only help you break records, but inspire others.

Join Alexander as he learns how these remarkable men changed the world and encouraged him to find the hero within himself.

“Clever text and exuberant illustrations makes this book a perfect way to introduce kids to historical figures.”—Deborah Underwood, New York Times bestselling author of The Quiet Book

Recognition for My Name Is Not Isabella:

  • National Parenting Publications Gold Award
  • Gold Moonbeam Children’s Book Award
  • Silver ForeWord Book of the Year Award for Picture Boo

Product Details

  • Hardcover
  • Case Count: 36
  • Age range: 4-8
"Will leave a lasting impression and will inspire conversation, encourage big dreams, and help start the seed of self-acceptance at an early age." — 2 Wired 2 Tired
"This cleverly crafted picture book pays homage not only to diverse heroes, but also to the children who engage in imaginary adventures with them." — School Library Journal
"This book is a wonderful springboard for further discovery and learning, and the fantastic illustrations are fun and lively. " — 5 Minutes for Books
"The young narrator's big personality comes through clearly in Litwin's grainy-surfaced cartoon scenes." — Booklist
"My kids absolutely LOVE My Name Is Not Alexander and ask for it regularly." — A Little of This, A Little of That
"This book isn't only for boys, it's a great book for all kids to explore those in history who helped shape the world." — A Wrestling Addicted Mommy
"The book is full of imagination - and encourages children to take time to imagine what they will be when they grow up." — Abbie Reviews
"[A] jumping off point to some great history discussions!" — An Island Life
"My 7 year old liked being able to learn about real people as well - even if it was through Alexander's vivid imagination!" — Arms of a Sister
"Join Alexander as he takes a wild ride through an historical journey, discovering scientists, rough riders and heroes, all in a day's imaginings." — Charlotte Parent
"The story encourages the reader to dream big—to know that they can do anything they want to, become anything they want." — Cheryl Rainfield
"Alexander pretends to be Thomas Edison, Fred Astaire and other great men. I know how much fun it is to pretend and so do the kiddos." — Crazed Mind
"Going through so many important characters in history this little guy's imagination keeps him going places and going strong." — Creative Madness
"Just like her previous book, My Name is Not Isabella, this book is an amazing book that encourages a child to dream and be more than they can be." — Dad of Divas
"Jennifer Fosberry has furthered her "dare to dream" theme [and the] notion that 'everybody is best at something.'" — Deseret News
"Serves as a great inspiration not only for kids to dream a little but also for them to learn about the past." — Everead
"This is a wonderful book to introduce boys to some amazing role models and empower them with the knowledge that they can be anything they want to be. You can't help but be drawn to the amazing illustrations by Mike Litwin and the underlying message of being yourself reigns supreme." — Examiner.com
"Children are learning a little bit of history (even if they don't know it) while reading this story. It also teaches that you can achieve some amazing goals and be anything you want to be" — Familylicious
"A wonderful story of a young boy with a fascinating imagination...highly recommend[ed]." — Fun Saving Money
"The pictures are bright, colorful and help tell a story by themselves." — Giveaway Blogdom
"A delightful picture book to share with little boys — and little girls — to introduce them to historical figures." — Grandma's Briefs
"A very cute book...The pictures really help move the story right along." — Hanging off the Wire
"My Name is Not Alexander is at the top of the list for one of the most adorable and educational children's books I have ever read!" — Heavenly Savings
"My Name Is Not Alexander has a one word moral - nurture." — Here and There
"This book shares a beautiful message that encourages a child to dream and be more than they can be. Jennifer Fosberry did a wonderful job at writing a charming story for children that's filled with nurturing lessons. It's got a lot of humor and the colorful, vivid imagery makes your child want to read more!" — Hip Mama's Place
"Throughout the day, he pretends to be various famous men...Teddy Roosevelt, Thomas Edison, Chief Joseph, Fred Astaire, and Jackie Robinson." — Homespun Light
"When my boys were younger, I always had a soft spot for fun books with simple stories that opened the door to broader learning. This book does that and provides a detailed bio of each historic figure in the back section to help make parents look very knowledgeable." — Hormone Colored Days
"Discover your hero as Alexander learns how these remarkable men changed the world and inspire him to do the same." — I Am Modern
"One thing that I really like about these two books (Isabella and Alexander) is that the writing level appeals to young children, but the information at the back of the book educates them at a fairly high level." — Infant Bibliophile
"This title could easily be used to get your child/students using their imagination or it could provide the perfect opportunity for a research project!" — Katie's Literature Lounge
"A GREAT addition to your library. I highly recommend this sensational, wonderful book, with great, nurturing lessons throughout." — Lady D Books
"I can happily recommend it as a great read...Just like in the first book, the pictures are terrific and have lots of clues to share with its audience. The "Men Who Changed the World" appendix has just the right amount of interesting material to whet young readers' appetites for more." — Lit for Kids
"Engage your kids in history with this fun read-aloud book." — Metro Family Magazine
"Jennifer Fosberry's new book My Name Is Not Alexander is now out and it delivers the same vibrant illustrations and style as her other work, My Name Is Not Isabella." — Mogul Baby
"My Name Is Not Alexander is a good lesson in American history...a great springboard for discussion and a life-saver for all of those questions your child is going to ask about each person." — Mom Most Traveled
"The combination of excellent writing from Jennifer Fosberry and superior artistry from Mike Litwin will automatically draw readers into the book. I feel My Name is NOT Alexander embodies the creativity and fickle-minded characteristic of children." — Mom Start
"Jennifer has come up with a fun way of educating the reader as you go along, chapter by chapter. It's certainly great for child and parental bonding while at the same time, help cultivate a child's learning ability." — Momsie Tales
"I like having positive male role models for my sons, and this was an easy way to introduce some to them." — Mona Saves
"Great discussion starters with young readers, both girls and boys." — Mother Daughter Book Club
"This book really shows little children that they can be whomever they want to be." — Multi-Testing Mommy
"Just as in My Name Is Not Isabella, My Name Is Not Alexander sends a message that our parents are heroes, life-changing figures in our own personal history. It's an enthusiastic thumbs up from us!" — My Four Monkeys
"My Name Is Not Alexander is at once a sweet, gentle history lesson and a delightful bedtime read. Alexander's imagination and the amusing illustrations make this an entertaining and informative choice." — New York Journal of Books
"This book empowers children to realize their true capabilities, while still letting their own personality radiate. " — One Momma Saving Money
"My Name is Not Alexander is a great book for jump-starting the imaginations of young children trying to decide what they want to be when they grow up." — Picture Book Depot
"It's a great book; fun illustrations, exciting language, great message. I liked that it introduced interesting historical figures in a completely fun and exciting way." — Progressive Pioneer
"Fosberry does not disappoint in her follow up book aimed to opening the eyes and fostering the imagination of little boys everywhere." — Raising Them Green
"The possibilities for learning and imagination are endless." — Retail Therapy Lounge
"A little boy has a playful identity crisis in My Name Is Not Alexander by Bay Area author Jennifer Fosberry and illustrated by Mike Litwin, the same team that created the female-centered "My Name Is Not Isabella," which came out in September." — San Francisco Chronicle
"What an imagination! Alexander takes on the roles of Theodore Roosevelt, Fred Astaire, and others by day, but at bedtime, he's ready to be himself again." — Scholastic Parent & Child
"The perfect combination of fun and educational...a great way to introduce the kids to history." — Simply Being Mommy
"What a wonderful book to help young boys explore the heroes in their own lives and to encourage them to reach for the stars as the "sky is the limit."" — Simply Stacie
"We couldn't wait to turn the page to see who Alexander was going to be next." — Song Berries
"This book not only introduces kids to historical figures, but inspires them to learn from their heroes' actions. Children will realize that they have a lot in common with the great people who have changed the world. If you're looking for a book that encourages your child to chase big dreams, then I highly recommend My Name Is Not Alexander, by Jennifer Fosberry." — Susan Heim on Parenting
"A wonderful thought provoking book." — Susan's Disney Family
"This book introduces great historical characters to young boys and inspires them to greatness.. it teaches little boys to be the best little person they can be." — The Buzz 4 Moms
"My Name is Not Alexander is a fun, inviting way to introduce children to a few key men in American history and culture." — The Oregonian
"Alexander is cheeky and cute. The illustrations are vibrant and full of detail, and the content is knowledgeable and fun—the perfect intro for your kid when it comes to some of his-tory's biggest names." — Time Out Chicago Kids
"I also loved how the author managed to slip in tidbits of knowledge for kids to soak in...Kids should have imaginations and pretend but they should also know that they are great and grand like Alexander." — Woman of Hope and Prayer
"To say I highly recommend My Name Is Not Alexander being in your family's library is an understatement. I will be holding on to my book to share with my future grandkids since my boys are a bit old for it. I enjoyed everything about it!" — Woven by Words
"[Provides] quality time teaching a child [while] having fun. I will definitely recommend this book to my friends and family with children." — Z's Space Reviews
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