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Blockchain for Babies

An Introduction to the Technology Behind Bitcoin from the #1 Science Author for Kids (STEM and Science Gifts for Kids)


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Fans of Chris Ferrie's Organic Chemistry for Babies, Rocket Science for Babies, and Quantum Physics for Babies will love this introduction to the technology behind Bitcoin for cryptologists of all ages!

Help your future genius become the smartest baby in the room! It only takes a small spark to ignite a child's mind.

Full of scientific information from notable experts, this is the perfect book to teach complex concepts in a simple, engaging way. Blockchain for Babies is a colorfully simple introduction to the technology behind Bitcoin for cryptologists of all ages. After all, it's never too early to become a scientist!

If you're looking for computer science baby books, computers for babies, or baby computers, look no further! Blockchain for Babies offers fun early learning for your little scientist!

Product Details

  • Board Book
  • Size: 8 in x 8 in
  • Pages: 24

About the Author

Chris Ferrie is an award-winning physicist and Senior Lecturer for Quantum Software and Information at the University of Technology Sydney. He has a Masters in Applied Mathematics, BMath in Mathematical Physics and a PhD in Applied Mathematics. He lives in Australia with his wife and children.
Marco Tomamichel is a world-leading researcher in the field of quantum information theory and cryptography. He graduated with a MSc in electrical engineering and a PhD in theoretical physics from ETH Zurich (Switzerland), close to where he grew up on the shores of beautiful Lake Zurich. He has since worked at different universities in Sydney and Singapore. While his focus is usually on scientific articles, his wife and growing family inspired him to try it with a children's book as well.
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