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A Breath of Mischief

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Published: April 2023
Published: April 2023
Published: March 2024
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Brimming with danger and magic, this new fantasy adventure from acclaimed author MarcyKate Connolly will leave readers breathless as Aria discovers the strength of her courage—and the power of friendship.

Aria is raised by the Wind. She grew up in a castle, floating among the clouds with creatures of the air. She spends her days racing and soaring through the sky with her best friend, Gwyn, a young gryphling. At night, she falls asleep to the music of the Wind.

One morning, Aria is woken by a frantic Gwyn. The chimes are silent, there is not a breath of breeze, and their castle has settled on the ground. The Wind has vanished.

Aria and Gwyn go on a desperate search only to discover the Wind is being held captive by a sinister alchemist named Worton. To free the Wind, Aria and Gwyn must complete a series of trials to find and retrieve three magical talismans for Worton. 

Nothing will keep Aria from rescuing the element who raised her—not a riddle, not a quest, not a race against time. Except Worton can't be trusted, and it's not just the Wind that needs saving…

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  • Case Count: 36
  • Case Count: Hardcover: 36, Paperback: 24
  • Age range: 8-13
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