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Labrador Retrievers

Published: April 2009
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Labrador Retrievers is a title in the Dog Bibles Series. Written for dog lovers and prospective dog purchasers, it discusses the Lab breed in detail, including physical traits, history, behavior characteristics, and instructs owners on training methods. Additional important topics include:

• Understanding the Labrador Retriever’s purpose in history and today. 

• Labrador coloring – chocolate, yellow, and black– variations and rarity.

• Choosing a Labrador, pros and cons, family and children considerations, health screenings, purchasing from breeders and adopting

• Preparing yourself, home, and family for a new Labrador, acclimating the dog to a new home, cage training

• Socializing, training, and keeping your Labrador active and healthy physically and mentally

• Health and nutrition, preventative care, potential health concerns, dietary needs

• Grooming, nail and coat care, bathing, and ear maintenance

• Caring for a senior Labrador

Extra features include sidebars with breed facts and helpful hints, quick tips on training, and 150-to-200 attractive color photos. A hidden spiral binding ensures that the book will stay open and flat at any desired page. A DVD is enclosed with each book. It presents an informal dog training course for new owners, describing methods for house training, walking dogs on a leash, and teaching obedience to hand signals and vocal commands.

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  • Paperback
  • Case Count: 16
  • Series: B.E.S. Dog Bibles Series
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