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Do You Know Your Husband?

Get to Know Your Other Half Better (Wedding, Engagement, Bridal Shower, Anniversary Gift)

Published: December 2019
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A fun marriage game quiz book for couples.

Unveil the secrets to a fulfilling partnership as you explore a treasure trove of carefully crafted questions and prompts, expertly designed to encourage meaningful conversations and uncover hidden aspects of your husband's personality by delving into topics like family, career, hobbies, and personal growth. From his dreams and aspirations to his deepest fears and desires, embark on a journey of discovery that will foster trust, intimacy, communication, and a renewed sense of closeness.

Key Features:

  • 100 thought-provoking questions and prompts for meaningful conversations
  • Insights into your husband's dreams, aspirations, and core values
  • Encourages trust, intimacy, and open communication
  • Explores various aspects of your husband's life, including family, career, and personal growth

Do You Know Your Husband? is not just a book but a gateway to forging a deeper connection and reigniting the spark in your relationship, whether you are newlyweds or have been married for 20+ years. A fun and unique gift for Valentine's Day, Christmas stocking stuffer, anniversaries, date night, newlyweds, your spouse's birthday, and newly engaged couples.

Also check out the companion book, Do You Know Your Wife? so you can each have a go!

Product Details

  • Paperback
  • Case Count: 136
  • Series: Do You Know?
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