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Bringing Up Race

How to Raise a Kind Child in a Prejudiced World

Published: May 2021
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"Uju Asika has written a necessary book for our times."—Chika Unigwe, author of On Black Sisters' Street

You can't avoid it, because it's everywhere. In the looks Black kids get in certain spaces, the manner in which some people speak to them, the stuff that goes over their heads. Stuff that makes them cry even when they don't know why. How do you bring up your kids to be kind and happy when there is so much out there trying to break them down?

Bringing Up Race is an important book, for all families whatever their race or ethnicity. It's for everyone who wants to instil a sense of open-minded inclusivity in their kids, and those who want to discuss difference instead of shying away from tough questions. Uju Asika draws on often shocking personal stories of prejudice along with opinions of experts, influencers, and fellow parents to give prescriptive advice in this invaluable guide.

Bringing Up Race explores:
  • When children start noticing ethnic differences (hint: much earlier than you think)
  • What to do if your child says something racist (try not to freak out)
  • How to have open, honest, age-appropriate conversations about race
  • How children and parents can handle racial bullying
  • How to recognize and challenge everyday racism, aka microaggressions
  • Bringing Up Race is a call to arms for all parents as our society works to combat white supremacy and dismantle the systemic racism that has existed for hundreds of years.

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    "Asika debuts with a powerful take on an attentive, thoughtful, and anti-racist parenting philosophy that supports children's empathy and addresses painful realities head-on. Asika's openness and wide range of sources (she cites psychologists, journalists, and friends) provide the groundwork to build conscious communication skills, and she makes a strong case that honest dialogue and a sense of affirmation are key to raising children who are prepared to create a better future. This is a must-read for parents, educators, and anyone looking to raise kinder children." — Publishers Weekly

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