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Why We Need to Be Wild

One Woman's Quest for Ancient Human Answers to 21st Century Problems

Published: August 2023
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"In the tradition of the best immersive journalism." –A.J. Jacobs, author of The Year of Living Biblically

A bold examination of how Paleolithic wisdom could solve our 21st century problems

Jessica Carew Kraft, an urban wife and mom of two, was firmly rooted in the modern world, complete with a high-powered career in tech and the sneaking suspicion that her lifestyle was preventing her and her family from truly thriving. Determined to find a better way, Jessica quit her job and set out to learn about "rewilding" from people who reject the comforts and convenience of civilization by using ancient tools and skills to survive. Along the way, she learned how to turn sticks into fire, stones into axes, and bones into tools for harvesting wild food—and found an entire community walking the path back from our technology-focused, anxiety-ridden way of life to a simpler, more human experience.

Weaving deep research and reportage with her own personal journey, Jessica tells the remarkable story of the potential benefits rewilding has for us and our planet, and questions what it truly means to be a human in today's world. For readers of A Hunter-Gatherer's Guide to the 21st Century and Hunt, Gather, Parent, Why We Need to Be Wild is a thought-provoking, unforgettable narrative that illuminates how we survived in the past, how we live now, and how each of us can choose to thrive in the years ahead. 

"Kraft shows us how we could all benefit from being a little less civilized." —Tiffany Shlain, author of 24/6: The Power of Unplugging One Day a Week

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  • Hardcover
  • Case Count: 20

"Kraft's revealing debut chronicles her evolution from urbanite working mom to foraging woodswoman... Readers who've questioned the pitfalls of tech-based living will be intrigued." — Publishers Weekly

"A great read for naturalists, those interesting in rewilding, survivalists, and anyone searching for a different way of life." — Booklist

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