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F*cking Affirmations

Daily Badass Reminders of Your F*cking Greatness

Published: December 2023
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Embrace some f*cking positivity and put your stress behind you! Positive affirmations can inspire and elevate your day to day and this can't-miss collection is curated to incorporate swearing to help you feel motivated AF. 

No matter how badass you are, affirmations can help lift your spirits and elevate you to a whole new level. If you're looking for a boost of positive thinking, a new mindset, or simply some shit to shake things up and break your routine for the better, this is the book for you! With daily doses of swear-fueled and digestible affirmations, these breathtakingly badass mantras are can't miss.

I am f*cking strong. I am confident as hell. I am a force to be f*cking reckoned with. 

Confidence is an art and it has to come from within. You can't be a badass without believing in your badassery. Ask yourself what your icons believe about themselves and how they look at themselves in the mirror. Fierce as f*ck, right? Channel that energy today and make your new mantra center around the fact that you ARE a damn force and the world is going to be made better by your impact on it.

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