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If I Tell

Published: October 2011
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Janet Gurtler’s books have been called "just right for fans of Sarah Dessen and Jodi Picoult" (Booklist) and "reminiscent of Judy Blume" (RT Book Reviews). In this riveting contemporary YA read, she explores the consequences of keeping the ultimate secret.

One small mistake. One giant secret.

Jazz wasn’t supposed to have seen her mother’s boyfriend that night. Especially not making out with one of her friends! Worse yet, she goes to tell her mom and gets the ultimate bombshell: her mom’s pregnant. Now, Jazz can never reveal what she’s seen. No matter what.

The only one who seems to understand her is Jackson. Rumors are swirling that he’s just out of reform school. But right now—with everything going on—Jazz isn’t afraid to live on the edge a little…

Praise for Janet Gurtler:
"Gutler’s writing unfurls with the exquisite grace of a flower." — Sarah Ockler, bestselling author of Fixing Delilah and Twenty Boy Summer

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  • Paperback
  • Case Count: 12
"If I Tell is the kind of book that captivates you from the first page on... This book really made me think about my own actions even after I was finished reading it. The only thing I hope is that I'm never in a situation like Jaz's. She had to grow up far before her time and deal with issues that I don't even want to think about dealing with. She's one tough lady and I admire her for that." — Garden of Books
"...this book has driven me to put Gurtler beside Sarah Dessen on my favorite YA contemporary author list...Overall, a great contemporary with fantastic writing." — Ink Scratchers
"If I Tell is one of those books that sucks you right in...If you like you stories full of realistic angst, drama and a dash of romance, then give this one a try. Recommended." — LInus's Blanket
"...involved the tears, love, and hope as well as fear that comes with growing up and moving on! Talking about Gurtler...she's truly a great addition to the YA contemporary genre! In all, if you're looking for an honest and unique look at the life of a biracial teen, or just a good story, If I Tell by Janet Gurtler is the book for you!" — Lauren's Crammed Bookshelf
"If I Tell by Janet Gurtler was an emotional roller coaster. It grasped me almost immediately, pulled me in and gave me an undivided view of Jasmine, her trials and her triumphs." — Mocha Latte Reads
"Ms. Gurtler's writing is phenomenal...you name it and I bet this story can make you feel it. These intensely real emotions combined with the well-crafted, highly engaging story will keep you turning the pages with a real sense of urgency." — Reading in the Corner
"Janet has created a piece so thoughtful, so painstakingly beautiful. A perfect read to delight your senses..." — Uniquely Moi Books
"Gurtler unabashedly tackles several sensitive topics without sacrificing the story line and constructs a beautiful paradox by making the burden of carrying a secret the factor that enables Jaz to face her outcast fear. This novel also addresses the pressure students feel to fit in and encourages them to stay true to themselves. Sometimes we just need to hear that it's OK to be different." — Booklist
"Gurtler's writing is beautiful, vivid in description and voice and pulling readers in early. Smoothly weaving description throughout, the settings ease in without kicking the reader out of the book. With heavy emotion and clear motivations, Gurtler's talents shine." — A Good Addiction
"When I finished this novel I thought to myself "How come more people didn't tell me how awesome Janet Gurtler's writing is?!". She totally has my favourite type of contemporary voice, a la Sarah Dessen, Elizabeth Scott, and Deb Caletti...This book just feels like a perfect example of contemporary YA...Janet Gurtler is definitely an author to keep an eye on." — Book Labyrinth
"Beautifully written and filled with great hope. The name Janet Gurtler has become an immense pleasure to see in my to-read pile, I cannot wait for another chance to read one of her books." — I Like These Books
"...a beautiful and thought-provoking novel that is sure to warm your heart...I have to say that IF I TELL is one of my favorite contemporary YA books out there." — IB Book Blogging
"...a well-written novel that addresses tough issues...fast-paced and rich with thought-provoking detail." — Like Minded Souls
"Janet Gurtler has a way with words that works really well in contemporary YA, and I love her style... the writing, the plot, the characters, everything about it is good." — Paperback Treasures
"...a beautifully written novel about the weight of ones secrets and the longing to be accepted for who we are. Raw emotion and believable characters made this book an absolute joy to read...I would definitely recommend If I Tell to any YA contemporary fan and I look forward to reading more from Janet Gurtler." — Stalking the Bookshelves
"I LOVE WHEN THIS HAPPENS! When I have ZERO expectations about a book and it blows me away (because If I Tell certainly did!) it makes me so happy! ...It was a surprise delight that I think everyone should pick up..." — The Book Barbies
"This book was a roller-coaster of emotions...I absolutely fell in love with the story, the characters, all the feelings I felt, and the writing. I'll definitely be checking out Janet Gurtler's other works." — The Magic Attic
"What a great book...this book isn't a typical light read..." — The Sagacity Quest
"...very poignant...written with realism of the world that I dare you to devour. I totally recommend this for contemporary readers. I know for sure that you'll like this book." — We Fancy Books
"...an addicting read and I honestly couldn't put this book down as I read it... well-written, engaging, and will allow people to think about the issues raised within it." — Writing Through Rose Tinted Glasses
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